Back_date_C_class drones

Backdating ‘C’ class drones

Can you backdate a drone to allow it to become a ‘C’ Class?

This is a common question being asked within a lot of forums, which was only further escalated by an accidental post from the market leader DJI.

What is the hype about?

The new drone laws bring in the ability to operate in what’s called the ‘Open Category’ which is further broken down into SubCategories, A1, A2 and A3.
It’s the A2 SubCategory that this is all about. The ‘C’ Class drone will reduce the distances from uninvolved people.
For example, 50m will be reduced to 30m with a further reduction to 5m in a low-speed mode.

In this video, we discuss whether the current drones in the UK can be backdated to meet the ‘C’ mark rating within the new EU rules.
This includes a response on the matter from the CAA.

When new aircraft come onto the market, they will hold either a ‘C’ Class rating in the EU or a ‘UK’ Class marking in the UK.
The ‘UK’ Class drones will open up the rescued distances within the open category, sub category A2.

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