Flight Test

Man flying a drone

On day 3 of the course, students will be required to plan and execute a flight, whilst running through the pre flight check list and pre- deployment and on site deployment survey forms.

Students will then be asked to undertake a number of drills to demonstrate that they are in full control of the aircraft.

We want students to feel confident when they are being assessed, so we have listed the flight drills that are to be assessed below. We may add more scenarios if we feel it necessary.

What happens if I fail my flight test?

We want students to get the best from their time with us and the flight test can very daunting for some people.

If for any reason the student fails their flight test, then they will have a full brief with their assessor and they will work with the student, drawing up a plan of action before conducting a second test.

Students are eligible to re-sit the flight test for free on a second attempt. A third attempt would incur a fee of £150

Dji Phanotm drone flying
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