A2CofC – A2 Certificate of Competency

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Course Description

A2 Certificate of competency to allow flights in the following categories;

Open Category – Subcategory A2
Open Category – Subcategory A1 – Until 01/01/26 using sub 500g aircraft.

  • EU Regulations
  • Meteorology
  • UAS Flight Performance
  • UAS Operating Principles

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at drone users who want to fly their C2 classed sub 4kg drone close to people (When available on the market). – or fly their current ‘Transitional aircraft <2kg Flying Weight, until 01 Jan 2026′.

The certificate gained, will allow the user to fly their drone within the Open Category – Sub Category A2 including within the A1 category using sub 500g transitional aircraft.


This is a remote examination and you will require the following to complete it;

  • Laptop or desktop
  • Webcam
  • Access to Zoom
  • Access to Google Drive
  • A form of identification i.e. driving license or passport
  • Quiet room (you must be alone during the exam)
  • 2 hours flight logs to prove that you have completed the 2 hours self assessed flying.

We will require a 360 degree sweep of the room and the examination will be recorded for the purposes of a CAA audit.

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