A2CofC – A2 Certificate of Competency

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Course Description

A2 Certificate of competency to allow flights in the following categories;

Open Category – Subcategory A2
Open Category – Subcategory A1 – Until 01/01/26 using sub 500g aircraft.

  • EU Regulations
  • Meteorology
  • UAS Flight Performance
  • UAS Operating Principles

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at drone users who want to fly their sub 2kg drone within the A2 category <2kg Flying Weight, until 01 Jan 2026′.

The certificate gained, will allow the user to fly their drone within the Open Category – Sub Category A2 including within the A1 category using sub 500g transitional aircraft.


This is a remote examination and you will require the following to complete it;

  • Laptop or desktop
  • Webcam
  • Access to Zoom
  • Access to Google Drive
  • A form of identification i.e. driving license or passport
  • Quiet room (you must be alone during the exam)
  • 2 hours flight logs to prove that you have completed the 2 hours self assessed flying.

We will require a 360 degree sweep of the room and the examination will be recorded for the purposes of a CAA audit.

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