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CAA approved drone training 

UK CAA Approved Drone Training.

The change in drone regulations bring a selection of new courses.
These include the GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate and A2 certificate of competency (A2 CofC).
Fly your drone in more places than ever before. 

Osprey Drone Training are a small dedicated team with 15 years of training experience and 10 years of collective commercial drone operation expertise.

We specialise in commercial drone flying and we are passionate about making training as accessible as possible to help promote safer, responsible aircraft flying across the UK.

We provide both on-site and online training courses to anyone looking to gain, update or further their drone qualifications and our organisation is a Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Our online training content is specially tailored to enable you to learn valuable knowledge without limitations of location, work schedule or lockdown restrictions. Our aim is for all Osprey student pilots to complete their training feeling confident, safe and in full control of their aircraft.



PFCO(NQE) to GVC (RAE) – Conversion Course

This course is for those wishing to convert their NQE recommendation certificate to the new GVC certificate.


A2CofC – A2 Certificate of Competency

Fly your compliant drone within the Open Category A2.


General Visual Line of Sight (GVC)

Operate Drones weighing 0-25kg in the specific category.

Why do I need drone training?

Do I need Training?

You do not need qualifications to own or fly a drone, but you could find yourself limited in terms of where you can fly your drone and which models you can legally operate. Commercial drone operating requirements have been changing rapidly over the last few years. Rather than a traditional all encompassing ‘drone licence’, there are two main types of remote pilot competency qualifications available to pilots.

As of the December 31st 2020, these are the Operational Authorisation or General Visual Line Of Sight Certificate (obtained via our [GVC course]) and A2 Certificate of Competency (via our [A2CofC course]). Both are available to book online now through our [training page].

We also offer a [new conversion course] allowing you to update from the previously recommended PFCO(NQE) certificate to the new GVC (RAE) certificate.
All of Osprey Drone Training courses and certificates are approved and recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Why choose online?

Osprey Online Drone Training allows you to access our tailored content on-demand, wherever and whenever you want.

Creating the time for in-person training can cause disruption to busy or demanding schedules, so our digital courses offer a flexible e-learning experience, meaning that you can learn at your own pace in your own time.
Theory assessments can be completed remotely, and practical flight tests can be taken once you have successfully completed the rest of your course.

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